KOMISÁR MRODGE (Inspector Walrus), 10-episode TV series

The cartoon is based on a successful book of bedtime stories of the same name by Branislav Jobus and intended for children. Its 7-minute length makes it suitable for broadcasting by separate episodes or in three 21-minute programmes and one 7-minute special (Mrodge`s Christmas).

STORYLINE: The famous restaurant in the shape of a U.F.O. has been stolen from the top of Bratislava`s SNP Bridge. Who is behind it – the aliens, dangerous criminals or football players who prefer digging potatoes to playing football? Inspector Mrodge investigates together with his legendary Mrodge-team, including the Bugs – eavesdropping specialists, De Gen the spider, and an ex-convict swan Viollette. Inspector puts his own life on the line in this investigation. Can he uncover the evil intentions of the criminals or will he face the defeat from the hands of the Brutal Gross Commando?

(Bedtime Stories for Mischievous Children) 10-episode TV series

The cartoon is intended for older children and their parents. It is based on a popular book by Dušan Taragel illustrated by the legendary Slovak comic book artist Jozef Gertli Danglár named The Bedtime Stories for Mischievous Children and Their Carefull Parents, which has been translated into 6 languages.

„Are your children always picking their noses, are they absent-minded, lazy, mean and cheeky? Are you looking for a reform school to save your children from a life full of misbehavior? You can stop searching. This TV series shows your children what awaits them if they`re naughty!“

PUKO – Hrdina proti svojej vôli (PUKO – The Unwilling Hero), animated feature film for children

The movie is based on the ancient Slavic mythology, telling the story of a little imp Puk, who is discovering the power of goodness. The evil lord Besovlad steals a piece of the Sun to rule the world. The hero Javor searches for the stolen piece to return the Sun to the sky and save the world. Despite all Besovlad`s effort to destroy Javor, the hero cannot be defeated by his brutal force, thanks to the goodness of his heart. So the evil lord sends the little imp to lure Javor away from his path of goodness and weaken him. The movie was preceded by a successful theater play by Ivan Holub.

DÍLER (Dealer), crime series

A story of two young men who become friends in their drug dealing business and create the biggest drug trafficking route from the Czech Republic to Slovakia and Austria. The Dealer is supposed to have 10 episodes, 30 minutes each. Besides drugs, the main characters sell also emotions, music, themselves and other people; basically anything that can be converted into money. However, they often do not make use of the money and get caught in a vicious circle, forgetting why they actually do what they do. In the words of the main character Filip: „A new generation has come up, surrounded by too many possibilities and too much information which make them need to forget. Forget everything substantial, fighting off all the pressure around. And that`s OK, at least I`ll always have a job to do.“